Rope Sect – (2017) Personae Ingratae (Max, guest author)

Rope Sect - Personae Ingratae

Rope Sect – Personae Ingratae

Yeah, this is a webzine about (extreme) metal, and I still consider myself a devotee of northern darkness incarnate. However, there are certain trends, or tides, manifesting in some bands, which surprisingly appeal to those wanting to circle-dance burning churches, despite sounding neither “evil”, nor “true”. This thought first occurred to me when THE DEVIL’S BLOOD came into appearance and started the hype of retro rock. A few years later, a similar phenomenon occurred: BEASTMILK, who, with their post-punk vibe, a bunch of stolen riffs, a strong 80s-vibe, but inarguably sporting more balls than the originals, made people dance who haven’t moved any part of their body [aside from dragging their steel-capped toes across Norway (just because you have to, you know!) and approving nodding in front of their anti-heroes on stage] in ages. But as we all know, BEASTMILK have become GRAVE PLEASURES, not without suffering substantial losses and changes in their line-up. Fortunately, for all those who didn’t agree with that transition – there is ROPE SECT! 
ROPE SECT’s demo “Personae Ingrate” doesn’t reinvent the genre of post punk – in fact, it very much sounds like a melange of the usual suspects (say: THE CURE, JOY DIVISION, etc. pp.) interpreted from a modern angle (viz. BEASTMILK). Yet, the band achieves to express its sinister intentions in a unique way. The opening track “Fallen Nation” begins with a sample of one of Germany’s most controversial actor’s, i.e. Klaus Kinski; literately translated to: “smash the mouths of the rabble with a hammer”; From there on, you listen to a functional yet muddy production, catchy riffs, and a singer who actually knows what he’s doing. There are melodies, there is shredding, there is drama. In its entirety, the demo never loses momentum. ‘Fallen Nation’ and ‘Tarantist’ grab you by the balls while ‘Pretty Life’ lulls you into a dreamstate (keep your blades ready!). ‘King of the Night’ is a turning point, building up from generic riffing to a killer hook! ‘Recess’ can be taken for exactly what it is called: a pocket, a break, a stepdown, showcasing the strength of the band, i.e. writing catchy riffs in melancholic harmonies. All too soon, the tape ends with ‘Ochlesis’, which, in its balladesque nature, builds a perfect closure. This is a band worth listening for those, who miss old BEASTMILK, especially those who appreciate the ‘Use Your Deluge’ demo. For anyone else, this is a band worth following, for if they stay sharp, they will surely deliver!
Listen to them @ bandcamp!

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  1. Yo también estoy alucinando con este disco. Un ep que deja con ganas pero que al mismo tiempo promete un gran disco a futuro.Saludos!

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