Leprous: Castaway Angels (Video)

La banda Leprous compuso su sencillo Castaway Angels al principio de la crisis del Covid-19. Luego, grabaron esta versión en vivo en el magnifico estudio Ocean Sound Recording situado en Noruega.

El miembro de la banda Einar Solberg comentó lo siguiente:

“This year we’ve all had to readjust our lives, do new things.One day in the beginning of the corona outbreak I came to TorO’s house with a song, him with the acoustic guitar, and me with my voice. We came up with the main structure of  “Castaway Angels”. Very basic, very pure and no technology to distract us. Just the melody and the guitar. So once we got in the amazing studio we continued that approach with the full band. We recorded the song together (when we were not busy sitting in the Jacuzzi being in awe by the view) in one take, after jamming together for one evening. It’s so typical to get obsessed with details, perfectionism and layers. But here we just wanted to play together. Do something pure and simple. I’m very pleased with the result, and can’t wait for everyone to hear how we’ve been spending time together when we were supposed to be on tour.”

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