Napalm Death: Contagion (video)

Los legendarios Napalm Death, lanzaron hace unas semanas el video de Contagion, tema parte de su álbum Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism, lanzado en septiembre de 2020 a través de Century Media. El tema habla sobre una problemática global que cada vez es más extrema, en este caso en una región en particular, que fue compuesto por Shane Embury:

Although we can only hope to provide a snapshot in four-minutes, what we wanted to try to illustrate with the Contagion video is how difficult it has been made to do something as fundamental as moving freely as a human being. There is downright absurdity in that some people have to resort to mortal danger doing things like riding atop trains whilst others can move seamlessly and freely without a second thought. We advocate for an end to borders of all description. Complementing that, the sweaty live footage was shot brilliantly by Ljuba Generalova in Napalm Death’s virtual second home of Berlin and the music, you might say, just motors along like a train.

Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway

Musically, Contagion is geared towards manic intense live mosh pit action but with an added 4AD noise quirk homage chorus! Also, having so many friends in the Latin community, through a couple of them I learned and read about the perilous journeys that families embark on for the chance at a better life. As a parent, I think of my children’s future all the time – the things we take for granted I wanted to reflect lyrically!

Shane Embury

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