Photo Collection: Hammer of Doom 2018

A huge, but still underground festival with a strong focus on epic, classic Doom. This year there was a more diverse line-up with Black Metal and Occult Rock bands. Thus, it is not only for 80s-style fans in battle jackets. An international audience attends this celebration.

Hammer of Doom 2018 photo collection

Photo Collection – Hammer of Doom 2018

The Hammer of Doom takes place in the Posthalle of the beautiful city of Würzburg, Germany. It is now a cult festival within the classic doom metal community across Europe. There is always an incredible lineup with special shows and old-school heroes.

The first day featured one the lasts shows of While Heaven Wept as headliner and a very special set by Eric Clayton And The Nine playing early works of his main band Saviour Machine.

The second, much longer day, classic and epic doom bands played like Sorcerer, Pale Divine, Stillborn, accompanied by Hällas, Batushka and Coven. Last two were even headliners that evening. Batushka played one of their last shows with the old lineup. Also Unorthodox had band-internal struggles and cancelled their show at short notice, to be replaced by German band Old Mother Hell.

Once again a Doom festival worth visiting. A very nice selection of bands, good sound and most importantly, a great mood in the audience!



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